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eFAST & Abdominal  POCUS for Trauma


General Information


The course is intended for physicians from the professions of surgery and emergency medicine who treat patients and are interested in using ultrasound as an aid in their diagnosis and treatment. The participants in the course will acquire the ability to use abdominal ultrasound - scanning and detecting free bleeding - in these patients as a tool that supports diagnosis and decision-making. They will reach a level where they can continue to use these tools in their work. 


The course is divided into two parts: online lectures that will be delivered to the participants before the course and a small group practice session that includes models and advanced medical simulators.

תיאור הקורס

Course description 

The course is intended for clinicians without prior knowledge in the field, as well as for those who want to deepen and improve existing knowledge, who treat patients in hospitals and the community. The participants will learn in small groups the use of the device and the various instructors, clinical cases will be presented and practice will be carried out at workstations. This is with the aim of giving the participants a broad basis in understanding the subject as well as hands-on training that will allow them to continue progressing in using this tool in the workplace.

The course includes:

  • One recorded lectures focused on the principles of ultrasound

  • Two recorded lectures focused on the guiding principles of eFAST examination, technique and pathologies.

  • Four recorded lectures focused on the guiding principles of a targeted scan of the abdominal organs: liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, bladder, and abdominal aorta.

  • Two recorded lectures focused on identifying and diagnosing pathologies using abdominal ultrasound.

  • Five-hour hands-on practice accompanied by POCUS instructors in small groups, demonstration eFAST, and abdominal POCUS examination. In the exercises, the participants will experience the use of ultrasound on models. They will also learn to identify pathologies using the world's most advanced simulator for simulating heart, lung, and abdominal pathologies from Simbionix.  


Course objectives:

  • Learning to perform an ultrasound examination focused on a clinical question.

  • Learning to perforn  an eFAST examination with an ability to identify pathologies.

  • Identification and diagnosis of pathologies in the abdominal organs such as: Hydronephrosis, Nephrolithiasis, Renal cysts, Gallbladder stones, Cholecystitis, Choledocholithiasis, Biliary obstruction, Appendicitis, Cystitis, Abdominal aorta aneurism & dissection, Pneumothorax, Hemothorax and Cardiac Tamponade

Concentration and professional management:

Dr. Lior Fuchs, Internal Intensive Care Unit, Soroka Medical Center and the Faculty of Health Sciences, Ben Gurion University


Dr. Israel Shankman, Imaging, Soroka Medical Center


סדנת eFAST & Abdominal US for Trauma הינה חלק מקורס שאורכו יומיים - POCUS for Surgical Acute Care - שביומו הראשון תתקיים סדנת BEST.


ניתן להירשם גם ל-eFAST & Abdominal US for Trauma בלבד

עלות סדנת eFAST & Abdominal US for Trauma - יום אחד (14/12/22): 900 ש"ח

עלות הקורס המלא: 1800 ש"ח

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Course plan

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