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Basic Endovascular Skills for Trauma (BEST)


General Information


In a multi-trauma patient - hemorrhagic shock is the leading cause of mortality. Damage control operations are critical as part of a multidisciplinary approach that combines collaboration between professions. Endovascular techniques are being developed and allow resuscitation of  the bleeding patient. Utilizing Resuscitative Endovascular Balloon Occlusion of the Aorta (REBOA*) as an endovascular intervention helps control significant abdominal and pelvic bleeding.


REBOA ensures perfusion to the vital organs during resuscitation without a thoracotomy and allows for internal clamping of the aorta. Today, indications for performing REBOA are not only in trauma, but also include those unstable patients with massive gastrointestinal bleeding and postpartum hemorrhage. Training and experience are mandatory in order to  become familiar with the technology surrounding the  REBOA and avoid complications. The first step in raising awareness of REBOA is training in performing ultrasound guided common femoral arterial access

* Resuscitative Endovascular Balloon Occlusion of the Aorta (REBOA)

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Workshop description 

In the workshop, basic endovascular techniques will be taught to doctors without formal endovascular training who treat urgent cases including professions such as  surgery, trauma, emergency medicine, anesthesia, and intensive care. The hands-on workshop at REBOA is also suitable for vascular surgeons and invasive radiologists. The BEST Workshop is sponsored in part by the American College of Surgeons. BEST teaches basic techniques which are part of EVTM (endovascular trauma and resuscitation management).


The BEST workshop includes pre-recorded lectures as an introduction to REBOA, hands-on training in performing  arterial access with  duplex ultrasound of the blood vessels in the groin, REBOA placement and deployment  in different t zones. In addition, there will be training for femoral artery access and REBOA deployment on  simulators - Angiomentor simulators from Surgical Science / Simbionix, as well as clinical case discussions with multidisciplinary staff. 


Objectives of the workshop:

  • Learning indications for different kinds of REBOA.

  • Learning  and practicing of  ultrasound-guided access to the femoral artery.

  • Experience in REBOA deployment in various zones

  • Presentation of cases and clinical discussions with a multi-professional integrated team


סדנת BEST הינה חלק מקורס שאורכו יומיים - POCUS for Surgical Acute Care - שביומו השני תתקיים סדנת eFAST & Abdominal US for Trauma.


ניתן להירשם גם ל-BEST Workshop בלבד

עלות סדנת BEST - יום אחד (06/07/23): 1000 ש"ח

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Course plan

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